DOH – National Filariasis Elimination Program

Pangalan ng Kumpanya: 


Mga Partners:

  1. Department of Health
  2. Department of Education
  3. Department of Social Welfare and Development
  4. University of the Philippines – National Institutes of Health
  5. National Commission on Idigenous People
  6. Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philipines
  7. Physicians for Peace

Taon na nagsimula ang programa:

The Program started in 1998 with the Department of Health and the Coalition was launched 2004

Para sa anong kondisyon ito?

The disease is called Lymphatic Filariasis. This is the 2nd debilitating disease caused by worms that thrive in the Lymphatic system transmitted by mosquitoes.

Para kanino ang programa?

The Program is for all people living in the endemic provinces from 2 years old and above.

Deskripsyon ng programa:

The Program is composed of three areas, one is Mass Drug Administration. All people living in the endemic areas from 2 years old and above will take two medicines, albendazole and di-ethyl carbamazine citrate once a year for 5 consecutive years or until the area (province) is declared LF Free. Second is the Disability Management whereby all patients affected with manifestations are taught on how to manage their deformities to have no re-infection to take place or their deformities will worsen. Third is the Hydrocoelectomy. This is for patients with affected giant scrotums that will undergo surgery and become productive again.
If the area reached a consecutive 85% above performance for the 5 years period, they will be monitored, screened and tested for LF Free status and if their microfilaremia rate will fall 0.1%, WHO will declare the area as LF Free but if the rate is higher than the 0.1% rate, It will be extended for another year.

DOH will give a grant to those provinces declared as LF Free to sustain and retain their LF Free Status.

Saan maaaring pumunta?

The medicines are available in all health centers of the endemic provinces of the country. The meds were provided by the Department of Health for the di-ethyl carbamazine citrate and GlaxoSmithKline for the albendazole through DOH’s Center for Health and Development in all endemic regions.

Saan tatawag para sa mga katanungan tungkol sa programa?

For further inquiries about the program, they may reach the Department of Health – Infectious Disease Office c/o Dr. Leda Hernandez at (632) 6517800 or The Coalition for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis Philippines at 09153296997